How to #2

How to select your artisans? It is such an important topic !!! Yes, I have been thinking about this article for a long time. Listening to my buyers, my friends’s designers and I think this subject should be well explained.  So how and where do we start with? First let’s be clear on the definition … Lire la suite How to #2

5 movies for the lovers of fashion and stitching

*** French below *** Yves Saint Laurent Following his dismissal from the House of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent (Pierre Niney) with his lover and business partner, Pierre Bergé (Guillaume Gallienne) build together a formidable fashion empire. Après être parti de la maison Dior, Yves Saint Laurent (Pierre Niney) et Pierre Bergé (Guillaume Gallienne), son amoureux … Lire la suite 5 movies for the lovers of fashion and stitching

Gif Mix Match

*** English on the side *** Une compilation sympa de GIF pour vous montrer mes humeurs que je sois au travail ou dans la vie de tous les jours au Népal. Quand je reçois une commande…/ When I receive a confirmation order… Quand je réalise que l’artisan a fait le tapis en utilisant la mesure … Lire la suite Gif Mix Match

Lights on the Artisans of Nepal by Anaïs Groisy

Such a nice finding I made three months ago, about this beautiful book presenting great illustrations by Anaïs Groisy. Curious to know more about her trip to Nepal and how she came to draw the artisans at work, visited the place and so on…So we came to schedule a meeting last Saturday via a Skype … Lire la suite Lights on the Artisans of Nepal by Anaïs Groisy

Mise en lumière des artisans du Népal

Une belle trouvaille que j’ai faite il y a trois mois de cela, c’est ce beau livre comprenant de superbes illustrations d’Anaïs Groisy. Curieuse d’en savoir plus sur son voyage au Népal et ses rencontres avec les artisans, nous nous sommes donné rendez-vous sur Skype Samedi dernier. Première question, pourquoi avoir choisi la destination du … Lire la suite Mise en lumière des artisans du Népal

« Fashion & dress codes » – Photography contest

I found out that the Alliance Française Foundation will organize the 7th Edition of the International Photo Contest with the special theme of “Fashion & dress codes”. Looking at the poster, don’t worry, I guess it is a very French humor to say that we can imagine anyone wearing something that would represent « Fashion & … Lire la suite « Fashion & dress codes » – Photography contest

How to #1

From my past experience with Suti, pushing my crafts to the Parisian shops…I have decided to come up with a special « how to prospect retailers ». Each experience is different while visiting the shops you love and wishes to see one day your products in there…Sometimes you have surprises and sometimes some disappointments. At the end, … Lire la suite How to #1