How to #6

Before the photo shoot Your objectives of this photo shoot have to be clear, what will be the purpose of those photos; it’s either for… Your catalog, your look book or your website → the photo shoot will be organized in a way that you have more conceptual photos of your collection and your brand … Lire la suite How to #6

On my bookshelf

Hello everyone, namasté! I hope you are all fine, it’s monsoon season in Nepal, humidity and this heat are killing us but still we love this season. It came to my mind last time that I could present you 3 books that I like the most. It all relates to the same theme of slow … Lire la suite On my bookshelf

How to #5

How to create a perfect product impact? As there is a recipe to make a perfect cake, this is the rule to present a perfect product impact on the customer’s mind. If you have the perfect combo of the following elements presented below, then your product should click in your customer’ mind. Your product, your … Lire la suite How to #5

Debrief workshop

Last Saturday, I had the chance to co-organize a workshop along with Luisa and Ibtisam; both of them are currently students’ designers (respectively postgraduate and undergraduate) at the Wisconsin-Madison University, USA; specializing in design and textile designing. They are currently in Nepal, being involved in different organizations to bring their support in different projects such … Lire la suite Debrief workshop

How to #4

Colors are part of our life, there are everywhere, starting from you wear, you like to wear, which food attracts you because of this color and so on…You live in the world of colors. So in Fashion, in your home too, colors are actually being a reflector of you and the lifestyle you are at … Lire la suite How to #4