Sourcing and cie

Are you a brand working with sustainable suppliers? Are you a retailer looking to be in touch directly and producing a specific line of crafts with a sustainable supplier? What to do, where to research, where to find updated contacts and a way for you to make sure that you are dealing with serious and trusted people?

Here is then my selection of a few websites to source easily and being in a free mindset too!

  1. World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

This website updates regularly his members based on their annual membership and certification renewal. The research is pretty much easy to look at. Besides their search on the « Source Fair Trade » page, you can also look into their Fashion catalog.


2. Good Market

Compared to the first website, Good Market’s platform will be detailed on how the brand is managing its sustainability, meaning its social, economical and ecological sustainability. There is more information on each organization on how they deal with their workers, their waste management.  This is more detailed I would say.



3. Sourcing Playground

Compared to the two first presented, Sourcing Playground starts from the perspective of a project. What the brand would like to develop? The collaborative approach is well presented in this platform compared to the listing of brands and the « classic » search page.


4. Common Objective – CO

This platform is very much connected to ethical textile fashion while you need to login to access to the information on each brand/supplier. Here is a snapshot of what will you find with the filter of Nepal.


5. Impak

Impak is a phone app that is working from the perspective of the final consumer, the customer. This is from their side, their wish to find an ethical coffee shop, an organic food shop, a fashion retailer who are all connected to a sustainable vision. The more you will be using Impak, the more you will be receiving some rewards too!

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