Touch of wood

Have you thought about how to make your decor a bit « rustic » but not too much. What we call being rustic is a decor connected with a lot of wood… But with small touches usually, it makes a real difference with a calm and soft touch. Here is my selection/board on Pinterest For a more … Lire la suite Touch of wood

Garden’s moods

Summer is still on ! Here is my selection from Pinterest for the places where cotton and textile in general are most welcomed in a garden or in the terrace! This is followed by a board with lights and lanterns for your outside space.  

Block prints!

From far, this is my favorite crafts. Falling in love with patterns, selecting the color(s), preparing the painting accordingly with the sponge and your white fabric; so let’s go! I have first discovered this craft with Meera didi who had her own workshop. I also found it in the bigger scale at the Association for … Lire la suite Block prints!

Frames walls!

Photos’ frames, art and painting’s frames, how to adjust them in your home, in one side of a wall or the whole wall of your living room? Bring different story to your wall based on colors and themes of your picture frames; remember your last trip in Ireland or in New-York and bring those back … Lire la suite Frames walls!

Blue Indigo

Indigo also known as the « Baphicacanthus Cusia (Nees) Bremek Powder » is getting very popular this year for the home decoration. This stunning blue powder is a natural colorant that’s extracted from the leaves and stems of the indigo contained in its plants. Natural indigo powder creates a nice muted blue color in cold process soaps. Indigo can … Lire la suite Blue Indigo

Cushy felt

Not being 100% a traditional craft of Nepal, felt technique is quite famous and felt items are entering in your home…It’s not the first time that I am presenting the felt, huge success…         From where and why do we have felt in Nepal? The story is back in 80s, a group … Lire la suite Cushy felt