Sustain your clothes

Let’s take this article as « what do you do to avoid buying too much and from these fast fashion brands? ». Thinking about it, yes I do buy sometimes from these fast fashion brands but nowadays very less and these are the reasons why

Buy timeless or classic styles

By « timeless », I mean not something in the trend. So having some classic and timeless tops, sweaters, and pants which can be worn over and over again from one year to another. This is part of the trick for me.

Buy good quality cloth

When I buy a cloth, I am checking not only the clothing materials content but checking on the finishings. From the years I have been buying for example at Uniqlo, all my Uniqlo clothes have been great, timeless, and sustain over time. This is one brand that is not cheap but lasts for long definitely.

Wash carefully

Avoid placing all the clothes from various types of fabric together for your laundry. I know what is the next question then…but why using more water? Not necessarily if you have a short program in your laundry machine or if you have a semi-automatic laundry machine (likes the ones we have in Nepal), the water can be managed easily, not to be wasted.

Wear them once you are outside

Something interesting that I was not doing until I was 22, is to have clothes which you will be wearing « inside » and some for « outside ». For some people, they would think this is a complex organization but actually, it’s better considering that I am feeling more at ease cooking, doing your chores or just chilling, watching television, or your phone in a comfy t-shirt.

Last, but not the least, upcycle or donate

I am a big fan of giving my clothes if there are still fine to be worn. Or else, turning my old clothes in mops, cleaning cloths for my home.

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