Keep making

As you may know already (just by reading one of my latest posts on Podcasts), yes, I have a special love for the podcasts, and so Aji’s has a podcast channel! This was the perfect opportunity for me to know more about their work, just by listening to interviews with their talented craftsmen. What we … Lire la suite Keep making

How to #1

From my past experience with Suti, pushing my crafts to the Parisian shops…I have decided to come up with a special « how to prospect retailers ». Each experience is different while visiting the shops you love and wishes to see one day your products in there…Sometimes you have surprises and sometimes some disappointments. At the end, … Lire la suite How to #1


*** In English below *** Un concept store sympa et tout jeune que nous retrouvons dans le quartier de  Jhamsikel, c’est Timro Concept Store. Timro veut dire « le tien » en Népalais, donc c’est un peu votre boutique, vos (prochains) objets faits mains, fait au Népal… J’ai profité de mes quelques jours de congé pour aller … Lire la suite Timro

Embroideries !

****Article en Français ci-dessous*** Yes, we are still in the « sari » theme from our previous article… I had the chance to stop by last time in one of the Community centers of SABAH Nepal located in Kokhana. My friends and I had the chance to see some embroideries work on a 8-meter length sari! Each … Lire la suite Embroideries !

Sari for life

****Article en Français ci-dessous*** Who doesn’t love Saris?? They are soft, colorful and are considered to have a strong quality fabric! This was my discovery this year to find some beautiful saris turned into beautiful tops and cute dresses. Theresa from Resa Living is one of the Sari’ lovers, a dedicated and talented designer to … Lire la suite Sari for life