Keep making

As you may know already (just by reading one of my latest posts on Podcasts), yes, I have a special love for the podcasts, and so Aji’s has a podcast channel! This was the perfect opportunity for me to know more about their work, just by listening to interviews with their talented craftsmen. What we … Lire la suite Keep making

Yes, Fair beauty!

Hi there! In the spirit of winter and cocooning, I wanted to introduce you to some beauty and cosmetic brands that respect the beautiful principles of fair trade while also respecting the protection of animals. In the top 3 and starting from the bottom of the ranking, we have 3rd rank :  Lush A British … Lire la suite Yes, Fair beauty!

How to #1

From my past experience with Suti, pushing my crafts to the Parisian shops…I have decided to come up with a special « how to prospect retailers ». Each experience is different while visiting the shops you love and wishes to see one day your products in there…Sometimes you have surprises and sometimes some disappointments. At the end, … Lire la suite How to #1

Dilemme de design

Créer, designer, développer un article c’est toute une affaire…Voir son article terminé, c’est toujours un super moment de le découvrir. Souvent on a plusieurs réactions, parfois sincères et directes du style « il faut changer ça et puis la longueur cela ne va pas » etc. Ou au contraire on est content mais quand on le présente … Lire la suite Dilemme de design