Cooking & Baking time 2

As we are back into a lockdown time here in Nepal (oh this is like a déjà vu!), I thought of sharing the part 2 from the 1st article on my favourite cooking and baking recipes.  Let’s stay away from our screens or at least let’s try to reduce the time in front of them.

These are the recipes I have tried in the past few days and weeks.

Salty taste / Brunch and lunch

Falafels in the two ways, deep fried or baked: video here

Lemon ball chicken: very fresh and perfect for this warm and humid weather: video here

Sausages/potatoes in the oven: the great super easy recipe, just cut and leave it in the oven for 40 minutes: video here

Stuffed mince meat zucchini, literally the best!! Video here

Salty & Sweet Breads

Bagels by Joshua, a great YouTube Channel, all the recipes are very clear and well-explained. Video here

Chocolate brioche which doesn’t require to have a bread machine. Follow well the instructions and everything will be fine. Video here.

If you are interested to look at the whole list of recipes that I have followed, here is the link of my Playlist « SP Food recipes ».

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