How to #15: How to work with the right buyer?

I had previously presented an article on how to work with artisans which targeted then specifically buyers who would have their retail outlets, e-commerce shops and would be curious to know the do and don’t for finding their artisans. Then I realised, how important this is also for so many artisans and crafts wholesalers to … Lire la suite How to #15: How to work with the right buyer?

How to #14

Just to be clear this article is more for the designers and brands who are interested or already collaborating with craftmanship organizations, artisans, and manufacturers who are not based in their home country. While considering you both are not staying in the same location and you may not speak the same language or initially English … Lire la suite How to #14

How to #12

As a sort of « Part 2 » of the existing post on « how to 3 – how to get organized », which presents the following points have clear objectives of your week –> SMART method! have a notebook for different projects/ activities preparing your working space allocating time for a specific task taking frequent breaks I thought … Lire la suite How to #12

How to #11

What is a mood/look book? It’s a great tool to show your collection in a sneak peek with a specific creative touch which refers to your collection. For the AW (Autumn Winter) collection you may have new colors tones, new fibers and materials involved with new accessories, bags, earrings which totally differ from your SS … Lire la suite How to #11

How to #10

How to connect with your community? This word « community » started to be well-known thanks to the Instagramers and YouTubers who would call their followers being part of their « community ». This day, you can enlarge it to your customers.  Yes, please. Do not consider your customers are being a simple wallet… One best thing to identify … Lire la suite How to #10

How #8

Another article for the « How to » section!  I have been thinking about this article on how to have a great stall for your event or even if you are preparing your window display, your shop layout, a trade show. Before starting your visual merchandising work, be clear on your message, your theme which is linked … Lire la suite How #8

How to #7

Hello Suti’s readers !! I hope you are fine…Sorry for not being that present for the past 2 months. I guess I also needed to take a break and think about new articles. So from now on,  I will be posting more regularly… It came to my mind for these past months, that people are … Lire la suite How to #7

How to #6

Before the photo shoot Your objectives of this photo shoot have to be clear, what will be the purpose of those photos; it’s either for… Your catalog, your look book or your website → the photo shoot will be organized in a way that you have more conceptual photos of your collection and your brand … Lire la suite How to #6