Summer colors mood

A pretty light post today to share my favorite spring/summer colors. Coral is one of the best; bringing a great spirit of energy, femininity and calmness. The Mango color is more punchy and deliver a strong message! The blue niagara is the best for your home deco, bringing calmness and focus in your home.

Sur mon étagère

#Hello everyone, I have prepared a similar article of « on my bookshelf«  for the French audience; here is a different list! # Bonjour à tous, Vous avez été nombreux à me demander de vous proposer des listes de livres en Français qui intéresseraient potentiellement les créatrices de mode et objets créatifs, les designers et les … Lire la suite Sur mon étagère

Shiny brass

Brass has been one of my discoveries that I made being in Nepal. Starting Suti, I couldn’t resist to put a few brass bracelets in the accessories’ line…or even presenting some brass buttons in the little shop called « A Little Mercerie ».  Just enjoy this selection of photos! More pictures on Pinterest / Golden brass album

Rough wood

I have been surrounded by wood since the age of 4, while living in Africa and South America, that was 12 years of my life being away from France but living fully my experience abroad! Still now, when I return to my parent’s home, they have tons of rough, polish and type of wood being … Lire la suite Rough wood

How to #3

The most important being a blogger, entrepreneur, marketer, any kind of job, yes you need to get yourself organized. There are plenty of methods to follow, and I just wanted to share mine with some tips and some online free software that would also be very helpful. So let’s start! Have first clear objectives for … Lire la suite How to #3