Are you clear? Clear Fashion

I would like to present you one of my latest discoveries, called: Clear Fashion App

Finally, I would say, one phone app which is about making the fast fashion companies being accountable! If you are curious about knowing and finding more about the clothing brands. With a simple scan of the label of your cloth or the future one, the app will inform you of the sustainability, meaning on Human, Health, Environment, Animals, which represent more than 32 criteria of grading.

For example, in the « Environmental » pillar, you will find various grades based on various criteria such as:

  • Collection management (how many are being launched in a year?)
  • recycled management
  • upcycled material being used
  • management on the fabric wast
  • overall waste management

The app is for now only available in French, but I am sure they will soon export their concept to more countries!

But in the meantime, one alternative for you is the app called « Good on you – Ethical Fashion app » which will become soon your ally during your shopping time!


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