5 favorite YouTube channels

After this article where I presented you with my selection of favorite « Instagram accounts », here is my great selection on Youtube Channels!

Justine Leconte

Her Youtube channel is very interesting as in you will be falling into the world of Conscious fashion. Justine presents well each concept on preparing your collection, your line, but also getting advice on what to wear and how to wear it. It is quite diverse and interesting. Here is her channel.


Zoe Hong

In the same theme of developing your fashion line, knowing the tricks of fashion from production to marketing, yes this also a great channel I have been following for years, at least 6/7 years I would say! Here is her channel.


Fair Trade Connections

This is the perfect channel to follow the producers, the artisans, the craftmanship from whole around the world! This channel is presented by two entrepreneurs, Ronny and Diana who have been presenting excellent stories of the World Fair Trade world! If you remember or if you are interested to know more about their story, here is the interview I had with them in this article. Or else, here is their channel

Warning // For this upcoming channel, this one is more on my « baking and feel good channel »!

Pick Up Limes

This has been my perfect channel to take inspiration for my cooking, making my snacks, being careful about what to eat, and learn of course from these videos which are SO beautifully made! Just see for yourself how the color combination of each video is so well presented.  Here is her great channel

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