Yes, Fair beauty!

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In the spirit of winter and cocooning, I wanted to introduce you to some beauty and cosmetic brands that respect the beautiful principles of fair trade while also respecting the protection of animals.

In the top 3 and starting from the bottom of the ranking, we have

3rd rank :  Lush

A British brand that is really into Lush (you will have understood it), as soon as you are 3 meters away from the Lush shop, that’s it, you smell all various types of perfumes! (marketing technique you’ll say…) but also inside it becomes interesting. Lots of products at different prices, from soaps to customize size cups (which allows you to ask the salesman « I would like 50 grams » if your wallet is not very full that day).


There are also great « dough » (see picture on the left) for the children to have fun in the bathtub and other funny and amusing soaps at the price of 9€ or even 11€ and then you say « OK let’s calm down » because you can really end up quickly with a bill of 50€! But on the other hand, when the super salesperson (tattooed, cool, and into the « Yolo » (You only live once) style), explains to you that the soap contains fair trade chocolate and moringa from Gabon, that it was handmade in a Lush Kitchen workshop in England and that you see the great catalog made of beautiful recycled paper (to know the future soap collections, it’s stylish !!!), then you understand the price!

I really like this brand for all these reasons but also because I’m a fan of the « Charity cup » cream; when you buy one (corresponding to a jar of shea butter moisturizer), your purchase is donated (without VAT) to an Association chosen by Lush.

2nd rank, a Nepali brand, is Laavanya Luxury Ayurveda


I immediately loved the concept when they started in 2012, because we like the fine packaging, the good smells. It’s really refined and very well branded. Have a look in their shop in Lazimpat or on their website to find yak milk soaps or essential oils.

This picture is not really representative of the range, however, with a touch of nostalgia, I present the first soap I bought from the brand.



1st rank is Body Shop!

No need, I guess to present you this brand! Most of you know and I don’t do a blog about beauty either. I can tell you, however, why I love this brand!



The range of products is very diverse and often renewed. Similar to Lush, you have choices in different pricing range and product packaging, from the lip balm, the handy little tube which remains in your bag to the special scents of fair trade rose musk. Not a wild surprise if I tell you that these two tubes are the ones I particularly very much liked during the winter!


Last, but not the least, I found out (back in 2011, while I was working on my master thesis) that Body Shop packaging were all prepared, assembled in one of the Fairtrade organization, called « Get Paper Industry ». During my visit, I came to see all these packagings and more than 300 craftsmen being very busy! I know that’s huge! So when I’m in one of these Body Shops outlets and I see the paper and bags, I’m happy to know the story of the artisans who made them. I’m really happy to know that a company like Body Shop said « when you make something, you do it all the way to the end; to the point of giving a bag (made in Nepal and benefiting a lot of artisans) to my client ».  Big applause for this!

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