5 signs which led me to craftmanship

Sometimes you make choices from a conscious or an unconscious’ ways. Looking back and having distance now with what I have decided to work and do in my life, these should be the 5 signs which lead me to craftmanship.

My years abroad

I left France since the young age of 4 years old, following my parents being themselves called « expatriates ». From the age of 4 until 16, I was living abroad in 2 countries in Africa and one in South America.

Being young and being with my parents and brothers out of France, we came many discoveries in these three countries, visiting parks, forests, monuments, and famous places of these countries. But something that stroke me the most was about visiting craftmanship workshops and places. The school in Ivory Coast would organize various trips to visit the textile workshop and especially where the cotton and the wax fabrics are being both produced. I found the process so interesting, of course very machinery-based but looking at one station to another felt so interesting to me!


My mother

My mother has always been someone creative, looking for various crafts to be done at home. She paints, she stitches, she draws, she bakes. I have always seen my mother being busy with something being creative and even her readings and books are mainly connected to Arts and crafts.


My childhood

Being in Ivory Coast when I was 4 to 10, I remember welcoming a stitcher at home for the whole week. My mother would have bought the fabric and zippers a week in advance and would prepare a schedule to the stitcher for him to stay for the whole week in our house and stitch pants, travel bags, pencils case, purse. Man!! This person would have his small radio next to him and would be so focused on his work. I remember watching him working and felt he was very talented!


Keeping a collection

I have been loving keeping the printing magazines advertising of perfumes and bags. God knows what was my interest behind this, but overall I was impressed with how brands would present a bag in different ways from one brand to another. The color combination of this advertising and seeing overall on how brands would be promoting their whole line differently from another brand. Eventually, this has led me to develop later some bags designs in the phase of Suti (being a company back then in 2013-2014).


Starting my career

Going back to the years of my undergraduate studies, I had gathered at this point some working experiences in huge companies but realized that I needed more sense in what I was doing. Not just preparing an event for networking and making the companies creating more profit for the stake of selling more cars etc. Why waking up in the morning every day to contribute to this?  So making more sense to my career, to my actual work, and making connection with my personal life, I came to Nepal and started working in Fair trade organizations linked to crafts!


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