The ring

April was the big month for me, this is when I got married. And way before that, I had to think about my wedding ring!  At first, I thought that I would find it in the traditional New road shops (this is the famous lane to find your Wedding jewels in Kathmandu). But, I was not actually so convinced on the designs, size, shapes, colors, stones, shades and all so I thought of thinking of mine and for this, it came to my mind to contact Javana Workshop where I knew already the great work done by Balkrishna.

At first, as everyone does, you visit Pinterest and look after the key words and an average of 1000 photos later, you are still wondering, looking for the one. You have already maybe selected 10 of them, saved them in one board and will eventually work again to downsize your selection, to come for 2 remaining.

This is what I have done and came to visit Balkrishna in his workshop in Bakhundole, Lalitpur to discuss about the designs and agree on the stones.

It was a very new experience to me, talking about designs for jewels rather than bags, scarves or shoes!

I would say that it was very convenient for me since I leave nearby and was able to follow up easily on the design.

I do really recommend to have « this experience of Javana », meet and discuss with Balkrishna who is able to understand and listen carefully on your request. He will guide you for sure for a great design with great advice and a wonderful implementation.

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