Set up your stall

Talking about fairs, trade shows, markets, I guess that I did quiet a lot! While I was at SABAH, we had to go for the annual Federation of Handicrafts Association of Nepal fair (2 participations), along with the usual and classic Teej, Christmas and many melas in India, trade shows in Malaysia. It was then such an organization that we need to work on!

Talking about trade show, my latest one has been Maison et Objet in Paris.I have been there first as a visitor in 2015 and then last September as a vendor. What an adventure it was to prepare, to go, to make sure your stall is actually looking like what you expected to be on paper or with your 2/3D views…

If you go to any international shows which belong to the umbrella, you should look at various angles of organizations, starting first by a « usual » plan and a back-up plan. Make sure also that you know who is doing what and start writing all the activities and tasks in one file so you are sure to not forget anything. Prepare your budget and unexpected cost which should be 5% of your total forecasted expenditures.

Once you have submitted your application to the show, you will know where your stall will be placed and make sure that it is quite central as per the final map of the hall. This is a very key advice I would say.

You get tensed and stressed out until the opening and when it is done, you keep looking if the potential walkers will stop or not to your stall, you guess in your mind and keep smiling too!

These pictures were taken during the Maison&Objet show last January for the stall of Pia. January is cold in France but it was even more colder when everything / all the doors are open from every side!

Finishing the 8 days show (3 days prep, 5 days trade show), you are looking like this!!


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