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I hope you are fine…Sorry for not being that present for the past 2 months. I guess I also needed to take a break and think about new articles. So from now on,  I will be posting more regularly…

It came to my mind for these past months, that people are only now connected on Instagram, do you agree right? Should we say « bye bye » to the Facebook account which has changed their whole algorithm…

Anyhow, anyway, yes we need to move on, keep going and would be nicer I guess not to let your Facebook community go away or do you have actually the same on your Instagram page?

So talking about this, I thought of preparing a special « How to have a great Instagram page« …So I made some research and from my own experience too with work since I do manage 3 Instagram pages.. I will be honest with you, I am not great at doing stories, neither I feel I am being an expert, but I did gather interesting information and here is my summary then..

#In general, Instagram is about

Showing your world in pictures which represents as a whole a painting, a piece of art of your brand

–> Your Instagram brings a dream to your viewers


#Rule 1: Harmony & Balance of your pictures

The overall look of your profile is just as important as each individual image you post.

Every picture should be visually strong enough to stand on its own, but should still harmonize with the rest of the photos in your profile.

Arrange your images in a way that makes sense, while still considering important aesthetic principles such as negative space and balance.

#Rule 2: Be clear about your target audience

Who are your customers(s) and why would they be interested to follow your Insta? Show images that will resonate with your audience and write captions that connect your photos to your business offerings. Knowing your target audience and who you serve will make it clear what type of content your followers want to see.

#Rule 3: about the # –> Be Specific, relevant and observant

Pick hashtags that are too common and they’ll get lost in the flood, so keep them relevant and use them sparingly.

It’s also worth browsing through related hashtags already being used on Instagram to see if there are niche hashtags or even official hashtag streams relevant to your images that you didn’t know about.

Specific advises related to the Fashion brand…

Your posts will be…

  • Products oriented:
    • How do you wear your products?
    • What to put inside this clutch?
    • A fashion matching style (good combination of what to wear with)
    • Photo shoot pictures
    • Sampling process
    • Focus on materials, feel and touch
  • Brand oriented:
    • How, where and who is making these clothes / fashion accessories / crafts…? Smile, laugh, shared moments…+ production process (fabric being cut, stitched, dyeing process…)
    • The ambiance of the country where the products are being made
    • The ambiance of the team
    • Sneak peaks of the upcoming collection / sketches / mood board
    • Brand’s values and identity
  • Ambassadors:
    • Ask your best customers to share their last purchase of your product

  • Create partnership with influencers:
        • Bloggers : contact by email / social medias the fashion bloggers who would be interested to receive a free piece and write an article + create a post on Instagram
        • Bloggers to present a special discount coupon with your e-shop
        • Press: similar to bloggers

Find the full presentation

A special thank you to the following brands which are mentioned in this presentation : Neyo Fashion, Melt, Shirley Bredal, Battiayo, Toms, Sample concept, Hermès, Andrew Knapp.

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