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Another article for the « How to » section!  I have been thinking about this article on how to have a great stall for your event or even if you are preparing your window display, your shop layout, a trade show.

Before starting your visual merchandising work, be clear on your message, your theme which is linked to your collection. Then, it will all flow from there to choose the colors, the texture, the props and how you want them to be connected together. The whole final result should be consistent and enhance your visibility of your products and your brand too !

The principles are the following…


Layout map…

  • For a B2B event / show for which you have more than a table… Think and draw your layout – check the size, measurements of your props, height of your table…colors should match with each others
  • Just one table? Ok then, think about just theme and what will be shown in the front, middle and back of your table. Where will you be seating?

Try to imagine and visualize those elements in your mind and try to draw them on a paper. Usually in merchandising, try to have the Triangle shape vision. It would be the same as a window display without the big space you would not have with one table…

Have your back up plan or find a Plan B quickly when you will, you won’t be able to achieve your forecasted layout map…

Some pictures…

Floral, romantic and engaging…


Market display – colorful – straight to the point – different visual levels


Different colors, textures, visuals levels and shapes


Linear,  moms & kids theme + branding, better visibility on patterns

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