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The most important being a blogger, entrepreneur, marketer, any kind of job, yes you need to get yourself organized. There are plenty of methods to follow, and I just wanted to share mine with some tips and some online free software that would also be very helpful.

So let’s start!

Have first clear objectives for your week

To make sure your objectives are clear, write them down on a paper by using the SMART method, meaning that each objective should be Specific (clear by asking yourself : who, what, where, how, how much, how many, for how long…), Measurable (measuring outcomes to achieve, numbers, percentage), Achievable (within this span of time, am I really able to achieve this objective), Relevant (can I manage to do it all with my skills and resources?), Time-frame (within this span of time)

Eg: Update the website with the new soft furnishing collection with 40 new images and products content within this week (5 days), meaning working on 8 pictures and contents in a day.

Have a notebook for a different project

Writing is the best way to help you search for more idea behind the initial project. It helps you to put your mind in focus and develop clear ideas, assignments, and objectives for each of your projects. So I would recommend having a separate notebook for different projects.

Working from home?

Being a self-entrepreneur or freelancer working from home, it is recommended to have your own dedicated office space in the house which should be in a quiet place and where you will find your files easy to grab. Have a board so you feel you need to pin some documents and help you sometimes to get more ideas for one project.

I would recommend also using free online software’s, which depending on your industry, will help you to schedule meeting, allocate time for specific projects and assignments. This is the case, for example, of Trello or PipeDrive (free software).

Allocate time for specific tasks

We get usually distracted by different things, your phone, checking Facebook, different social media and then back to your initial email you have just written a few lines…It can be definitely very much messy and out of the focus…

The technique is to allocate time for specific tasks you will have during the day. Set up these tasks in your online calendar along with the estimated duration needed for it. Example: Sales & CRM reporting (starting at 9 am for 1 hour) – Scheduling meetings for this week (starting at 10 am for 15 minutes) – Checking customer’s email (1 hour) – Uploading new pictures on the website (45 minutes), etc…

Take breaks!

Working from home or in an office, it is key to take a frequent break. Have a little walk, take a breath in the garden/rooftop/terrace. Prepare a special drink for yourself or start thinking about the end of the day or the book you wish to read, anything you would think that is not related to work!

I hope these pieces of advice have been helpful; feel free to let me know about the implementation phase!

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