Podcast power!

This lockdown has been the perfect time for me to listen to podcasts! Whenever you know you will be spending at least 30 to 45 minutes doing something, cooking cleaning, something that requires you to listen either to some songs or a podcast! Yes, the perfect time for this! Listening to a podcast, really helps … Lire la suite Podcast power!

Yes, Fair beauty!

Hi there! In the spirit of winter and cocooning, I wanted to introduce you to some beauty and cosmetic brands that respect the beautiful principles of fair trade while also respecting the protection of animals. In the top 3 and starting from the bottom of the ranking, we have 3rd rank :  Lush A British … Lire la suite Yes, Fair beauty!

What is this?

I have prepared a selection of cases when renown brands are, what I call are : very lazy copying acting with unethical behavior do not give credits and neither help the targeted community from the copied design Recently, I got revolted against Max Mara, a middle starting luxury fashion brand which just copied the beautiful … Lire la suite What is this?

Visiting ACP

Personally, this was my third time visiting the workshop or should I say the « humongous » production facility of Association for Craft Producers. This time was very special because I didn’t go for my research (referring to my master’s thesis), neither about of work with the buyers but with my students! It was very important for … Lire la suite Visiting ACP

Bhav planner !

Did you know? I just love planning and here come as evidence for me to present you the 2018 planner of Bhav (which I have actually bought since its release last October!).  It will be my second year using a Bhav planner and I would say this is so convenient for people being planner-freak like … Lire la suite Bhav planner !