Be dry

Have you heard about the menstrual/absorbent panties?

These are the kind of panties which you can wear during your period and it would do the same job as a pad or a cup.

I was quite curious about this concept considering that it looks very comfortable as if you were wearing your classic everyday panty.

But then I was curious about the textile fibers. Many bloggers, Instagrammers would be presenting them in pictures and videos. By looking at these panties, it seems that the textile fiber is very light, stretchable, and usually in black color. But still, they wouldn’t tell us what textile fibers are being used.


So, I searched and I found this

For the outside, 80% polyamide 20% elastane

For the lining: 90% cotton and 10% elastane

For the absorbent layer: 80% bamboo viscose 20% polyester with quality of « 100 polyesters »

So by looking at the overall composition, the brands are definitely using a lot of transformed and chemical textile fibers. Viscose is an artificial chemical fiber. Elastane is used for the stretch, is a synthetic fiber. Polyamide is in the same family of Elastane. Bamboo and cotton are both excellent natural fibers but here the Bamboo is mixed with viscose, maybe as it adds a better absorbent function?

As you can see this looks more like an integrated pad into a panty which you will need to wash separately and change it every 12 hours.

Yes, you will be saving money as you avoid giving more money to these multinational companies (P&G, Unilever…) for buying pads every month but then I am still not convinced on the final non-environmental panty that you would buy between 30 and 45€. Obviously, for a week of periods, you will need to buy 5 of them (5 x 30 = 150€).

What are your thoughts? What do you think?

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