Cooking & Baking time

Looking back and still looking up to now, this lockdown has been the perfect time for me to experiment on new recipes and to finally reconcile myself with the cooking time! At first, I was more into the sweet side with cakes and creams but later, it came to the salty mode!

This is also the perfect space to share some of the recipes I have followed. I have mainly learned from Youtube videos presented in both French and English. Here is below the selection by category and if you are even more curious (to find more YouTube video), here is my Playlist « SP Food recipes ».

I am glad to keep a record and have a list so that even later I may reflect on this, and say « Now I do much more » or I would say « this as good enough as a beginner ».


Salty taste / Brunch and lunch

Caesar Salad is a must for this season, a good consistent meal also, with chicken, salad, eggs, tomatoes. This makes you full in a good way. Great recipe here.

Fried eggplant is a delicious and easy recipe to follow. Perfect for this season, I will keep repeating this maybe for the other cooking recipes but this one is definitely perfect for this season, just fresh and goes with salad.

Gazpacho is a great soup but could be seen more as a starter of your lunch/dinner. Super easy to follow and achieve a great result with this recipe.

Gnocchi is a mix between pasta dough and mashed potatoes, so if you like the combo, go for it! Here is the recipe. One piece of advice from what I learned, make sure that your potatoes are cooked in the oven (not in the pressure cooker, otherwise they get too watery).

Hashbrown potatoes, so convenient and you are missing your brunch on Saturday morning, you will be doing your own then! Great recipe here.

Honey & Mustard pork, very easy and quick, I have actually followed this recipe and made this meal two days ago!

Hummus is so yummy and perfect to keep for a long time, freeze it, have it with Pita bread and salad, or just a salad. Great recipe here.

Homemade ravioli! You will see that you need to dedicate at least 2 hours for this, but the result is very satisfying. In my case, the dough was too fat since I didn’t have the machine to press the pasta dough but overall, it tasted good! Great recipe here.

Salty & Sweet Breads

Make your own pita bread! Perfect with this in-between season, spring/summer! It very similar to a normal Nepali roti but it contains olive oil and more yeast which make the whole bread more puffy and crunchy too! Great recipe here.

Brioche and normal French bread (not baguette), are great to be done if you have a bread maker/bread machine. I am lucky to have one at home. The recipes are usually mentioned in the guidebook which goes with the machine. But you can still your bread at home with this kind of recipe, which doesn’t require a bread machine.


Sweet taste / breakfast – snacks and anytime (I love cakes!)

Chocolate muffins in the American style or I would say the one you usually find in the Starbucks outlets. Great recipe here.

Cinnamon rolls for which I have been trying various recipes but this one is actually my favorite.

Mainly for the French baking recipes, I have this perfect book called « Grandmothers’ recipes » which presents 100 classic recipes! If you would be interested to buy it, here is the link.

A few pictures below illustrate the outcomes of my work! But cooking and food photography is for me very complex! The colors are not always accurate to what we see and the light will always come different in your screen…

Salty pie also called « Quiche » in French, all made including the dough – this quiche is a mustard base with tomatoes with milk and eggs batter with ground cheese on top!


A bit more complex recipe. Take the whole afternoon or morning to be dedicated on this! I followed the recipe line by line for these sesame bagels.

This is has been an obsession this time! Yes, this is at least my fifth time doing cinnamon and chocolate rolls. I try various recipes to almost excel in the puffing result of these rolls.


Apple pie with a base of apple compote is the best! (this picture is before the baking time)


Let’s finish on a salty note with green zucchinis stuffed with meat!


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