The directory is open!

Well, something that was in the back of my head for a long time and then no time. But, coming to the situation we are in, this was important for me then to work on this and bring this energy and this work into a concrete one!

Sometimes I also believe that you learn a lot from your past working experience and you do reproduce some sort of same work in the one you are doing now. Unconsciously, you will be doing work in the way you were taught in your past working experiences. Thinking of this directory, I have done the same job for the ESSEC, French business school’ alumni directory back in 2015. The directory is also a helper for search engine optimization and this is something I was working on back in 2011 during my gap year/internship year in my business school studies.

You will find the directory, right into the menu bar, or just by clicking here.

Some of the registered organizations have already their own article in my blog, where I had the chance to meet and interview the manager/founder. This is the case for

Bhav (an article in English)

Bottles to Beads (here is the article in French),

Kolpa, (one article on the story of Tote bag in Englishone article in French about the overall Kolpa brand)

kar.maCOFFEE presenting their line of kar.maLIVING (article in French and English)


Note on the cover picture of this article, « directory » means to me « networking ». This garland is well tight to the string and each circle is connected to the next one. I believe we are all in this small world and let’s be supportive to know and learn more from each other. Thank you!


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