Podcast power!

This lockdown has been the perfect time for me to listen to podcasts! Whenever you know you will be spending at least 30 to 45 minutes doing something, cooking cleaning, something that requires you to listen either to some songs or a podcast! Yes, the perfect time for this! Listening to a podcast, really helps you to learn from one person’s experience, story. You may then reflect on your own experience and take one learning from their story.

Here is a small selection but I would love to hear from your own selection too!

Fashion revolution podcast

Well for sure, I had to put this one first! It does connect perfectly to my blog, to my values. Each episode takes you deep into fashion’s social and environmental problems but leaves you with practical actions to help make a positive difference. Link here

Marketing over coffee

Marketing over coffee is a weekly discussion of what’s new in marketing with John Wall and Christopher Penn. A channel where you will be listening to various entrepreneurs, marketing, and communication in-charge. One way to learn more about other working experiences. Link here

The Future of Fashion business

A podcast with weekly episodes where we help aspiring fashion entrepreneurs and designers start their own fashion brands and businesses by learning from the best, most experienced people in the industry. Link here

The Fashion consumer

The Fashion Consumer offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the ever-changing fashion consumer. Featuring experts from the fashion world, this podcast mainly caters to folks in the creative and marketing departments of middle- to larger fashion brands. Link here

In Power by Louise Aubery

The name of this channel is in English but the content is in French, so just to let you know now! But still, if you are a French speaker, listener, this is a nice channel to discover/get to know passionate people with an exciting journey to give you a dose of inspiration. Motivation, ambition, inspiration are the key values of these podcasts.

How to listen to podcast?

If you are using your laptop / PC, there are many ways to find subscribe to the following podcasts channels, on Soundclcound – on Google podcasts or while using the Apple podcast app if you are using your phone.

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