Repair your Patagonia’s

I recently came across a great initiative, called « Worn Wear program » which aims at keeping your Patagonia’s clothes in action longer. As they say it does represent « an easy way to recycle Patagonia garments when they’re beyond repair ».

So definitely, imagine that you love one of your garments and you have been wearing for a long time, have a emotional attachment to it or just feel that it is not worth throwing it since it would be a little something to be repaired, then do not hesitate!

As you may know, we keep receiving/ watching / reading these messages « do good for the planet » and more messages like  » repair and not throw », « avoid buying a new one », but you wonder where and do I have the time? Finally, I was able to find about this great initiative!

The brand Patagonia being a great sustainable brand has proven during the « Black Friday » to avoid buying new clothes but rather swapping or repairing (see campaign’s photo below)

I really encourage you to do the same if you are able to find on repair shop around your town or around your block in the city! For now, the Worn Wear’s team is spread out in 7 countries which include 2 mobile van which will be going around the cities and towns in the USA and also repairs done in stores.











One happy customer !

Taken by D.Hedden 2015

Have a look at their website and this one too for more information

It has been great also for me to follow them on Instagram. Yes this is fun to watch their stories and see how all the clothes are being repaired and the smiles on people’ faces!

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