Visiting ACP

Personally, this was my third time visiting the workshop or should I say the « humongous » production facility of Association for Craft Producers.

This time was very special because I didn’t go for my research (referring to my master’s thesis), neither about of work with the buyers but with my students!

It was very important for me to make them visit this place and not just from the perspective that they are studying business but more for them to learn and see how the Fair Trade principles are being applied. I have contacted the dear Meera Battharai, founder and CEO of the organisation,  and instantly, on the same day I got a response.

On this day, it was a bit chaotic at the beginning but we manged 60 students in 3 different groups. I guess it was one the warmest days of the month, about to start the monsoon season. The visit lasted for an hour and a half. I could see a few students giving excuses that they needed to stop. Anyway, teenagers…

At the end of the tour, students were offered refreshments and a great presentation. All the students seem to have been interested. Let’s see if a few hours tour may have impacted some of them to promote and work in the handicrafts’ industry as the next generation is so needful for making the crafts perpetuated and keep the Fair trade movement alive in Nepal.

Know more about Association for Craft Producers

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