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What is a mood/look book?

It’s a great tool to show your collection in a sneak peek with a specific creative touch which refers to your collection. For the AW (Autumn Winter) collection you may have new colors tones, new fibers and materials involved with new accessories, bags, earrings which totally differ from your SS (Spring Summer) collection.

Why do you need a mood/look book?

Generally, when you are selling your collection to retailers, they need to know :

  • your inspirations of your collection, where do they come from and how were they formed? The mood/look book is such a tool which makes your brand even more interesting to the retailers and unique too.
  • so they can later on tell the story and use those mood/look book turned into « merchandising goods » to sell better to their customers.

In a way, this a good hook for the readers to have a look at your catalog and they will be more convinced about your brand identity.

Picture: mood book from Muskhane

Do I need a mood/look book for each collection?

It depends on your collection if you do follow the usual SS and AW, yes that would be helpful to have one for each collection. If your collection has elements which are timeless for the whole year, then you may need one only.

Is your mood/ look book the same as your line sheet?

The line sheet differs differs since you can see a sneak peek of your collection in the mood/look book while a line sheet presents the whole collection along with the details of size, available colors, wholesale and retailing prices.

The mood/look book presents pretty pictures on models and/or landscapes which will give more « personality » to your brand. The book will also have pictures presenting combination of different outfits, fashion accessories or crafts.

Picture: mood book from Muskhane

I found this great article which I do recommend if you are willing to have your next mood/look book launched. 

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