How to #10

How to connect with your community?

This word « community » started to be well-known thanks to the Instagramers and YouTubers who would call their followers being part of their « community ». This day, you can enlarge it to your customers.  Yes, please. Do not consider your customers are being a simple wallet…

One best thing to identify and understand better your community is to have :

  • feedback of your products
  • feedback on the upcoming collection
  • specific campaign and targeted message to them only
  • recognition since they would be able to tell you or tell their friend when they are satisfied / proud about your brand. Hence, they do become « ambassador ».

So let’s start !

Ask them to be engaged

This starts with a simple card, a « thank you card » that you add in the parcel if you are sending your e-commerce order or just place it in the shopping bag to your customer. One way to let them know to follow your social medias accounts, relay their experience on social medias and even they can get a discount on their next purchase if they do so! Same principle can apply for a new visitor on your website followed by a pop-up window which presents this « welcome offer ».

Ask them questions

I know you may think this is very basic, but beyond asking « yes / no » or whichever survey on Instagram you wish to launch, go a little further by asking « why ».

Asking questions but also do give credit of their answers . Since they like your brand, giving recognition to them is a must since they have taken time to write a small post, a recommendation so do not hesitate to relay from your side on your social medias account too.

One more information to know about your community is how often would they like to receive communication from your brand and on which platform/ channel (since we are getting everywhere on too many different social medias). This would help and them to understand the pace and avoid pushing too much some communication on specific channel.

Meet them!

Invite them for a special event, they are your followers and not just fake profile. So you can actually meet them around a coffee, a drink at your shop or a restaurant. Some brands to have special event for the brand’s ambassadors only who would be able to relay to their own community and make the event even bigger than it was.

Ask yourself : « What does my brand do « good » for the planet? »

So yes, you can’t avoid these days and especially if you target the Y and Z generations (people born from 1982) to not mention about your brand’s social and economical impact on the planet.

Specially these generations are called the « prosumer »

The term “prosumer” has transformed from meaning “professional consumer” to meaning “product and brand advocate.” Rather than simply “consuming” products, people are becoming the voices of those products and significantly impacting the success or failure of companies, products, and brands, particularly through their involvement on the social web. (Forbes, 2010)

Prosumers actually know precisely what they like, will be able to tell actively if they are fond into a cause : gluten free, organic food, vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, against the fast moving fashion…Each consumers have their own fights and their way to prove their will to have their own responsible way to consume.

When I think about the level of consciousness of consumers, comparing 30 years ago and now, there is a lot to compare. None of the brands were telling us before about the environmental impact and whether they had a corporate social responsibility programs (CSR). I remember that CSR came alive in the 2000s. At this time, my dad, being a forestry engineer was telling me about the projects of Total and Elf, huge and main petroleum companies) who were planted tree in million of hectares in the remote Brazilian forests so they would be able to compensate their Co2 emission.



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