Netflix selection for January 19

Should I say that Netflix is now « part of our lives » and it seems undeniable to have one article that would link then Fashion, retailers, and artisans!

If you remember I did already one article on the « 5 Movies for the lovers of Fashion and Stitching », now let’s have a look from the Netflix channel (from Asia part of the world)!

To be honest, I have not been able to watch all the series and movies available on Netflix. So I will be presenting 3 latest documentaries that I have watched which hence would be my selection for January 2019.

  1. Social Fabric is a great series of 20/25 minutes episodes which specializes each in a specific fabric or a style of cloth. I have already watched 3 episodes and I would say that it is very well presented by Kyle Ng who is able to explore and meet various designers involved ina specific clothing design (jean, sneakers…)

2. 7 Days out / Chanel

A kind of documentary that I have been loving watching because you can see stress, planning and a collection coming up to life!

3. Abstract

Not very recent series of documentaries but extraordinary well presented and documented! A must watch!

See you soon for an upcoming selection of Netflix!

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