Dilemma of production and inventory

Working in retailing, it would be just great to be on the very simple model to produce, sell / deliver. If only this process would be just running so perfectly…So obviously you need to manage your stock, your inventory…Now if we look at this « inventory » issue from a different perspective; meaning that you would first think your business model from this angle, with a zero management stock, that would give you these types of companies:

  • Asking your customer online to customize their products and are ready to wait since it will be a customized product. In this model, the company informs the customer about the wholesale customized order to the producers. Eg. Sukhi.fr presents customized carpets and table mat made of felt balls in Nepal which can be customized…Sukhi which doesn’t hold any stock in France is sending all the customized orders to the artisans’ group and will be in charge of logistics and on in the last step.


  • When fashion brands use an e-commerce platform to sell their unsold / old collection of theirs at a very discounted rate. In France, this technique is being implemented for many, many years by the company called « Ventes-Privées.com » (private sales in France). In this example, the customer also will be waiting since the « private sale » is starting and closing at a specific date. Therefore, the e-commerce platform collects all the payments, ready to pay the fashion brand’ stock and send it off to all the customers 🙂

If you are thinking of others models that wish to share; feel free to leave a comment below !

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