How to #6

Before the photo shoot

Your objectives of this photo shoot have to be clear, what will be the purpose of those photos; it’s either for…

  • Your catalog, your look book or your website → the photo shoot will be organized in a way that you have more conceptual photos of your collection and your brand as a whole which can inside or outside. This photo shoot involves models, accessories, background and one or different location(s).  


  • Your line sheet or for your online shop → the photo shoot will be organized inside, in a photography studio with a chosen background color – the products themselves are being highlighted only without the use of models. Your products are the main focus with final pictures which are neat and clean!

Preparing your photo shoot is very important so

you can avoid wasting time, energy and money.

Be clear as well on the creative plan: which clothes or accessories need to be highlighted the most and the others less. Which should be the locations, what are your best decors that would represent the feel of the collection. If it’s about a product photography, are you planning to have a white or other background color?

Discuss and share your creative plan with the photographer who will be able to understand your concept. Send him/her by email some inspiration, certain lighting or perspective that you like. It will make it easier for her/him to plan ahead the technical devices needed.

Budget : how much money would you spend?

What are your deadlines for this photo shoot project, by when do you plan to have the photo shot day(s) and how many days are you planning for the photo selection, retouches, printing work or working on your website ; it’s best to schedule it all into your timeline

All the steps above are clear, it’s time to hire, recruit professional, interns or volunteers and make sure they can all be aligned as per the schedule.

Now it’s time to prepare your photo shoot items list, which is the plan or the layout for the photo shoot day(s)! This document will present which accessories, shirt, hat’s pictures should be taken at first. It’s like presenting the sequence / the order of which item’s pictures will be taken. This tool will help you to have a photo shoot’s day which will be running smoothly. As you know, you are with your team and nobody want to wait, be late and loose energy on small things. Thus, you should start first with the « difficult shot » in the first hours and finish the day with the easiest ones.

Checking list to be done one day before D day :

  • Give a kind reminder to the models not to wear heavy perfume which can be transferred in your samples clothes.
  • Get your things together : a steamer to iron your clothes, close pins, safety pins, sewing kit, double tape which is friendly for the skin, shoes, make-up…
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Check if the selected location has a table, chairs, accessible bathroom for your crew and a space that will be dedicated for the changing room for your models.
  • The last and the most important of all, have your line together in one suitcase with the printed photo shoot items list and if you can put them in order as per your list.

The D day

Briefing time first with your team:


Share the photo shoot list that you have prepared so everyone know what is coming next. It also makes the team being focused and keep them going.


Let them know about the approximate time for breaks and lunch break.



Sometimes you might be disappointed if the set-up is not exactly as it was defined in the creative plan; however you may also be clear to bring most attention to the clothes, to the accessories because at the end it’s all about this, the focus should be on the textile’s item.

Little photos’ comments: these photos were taken in October 2016 for SABAH Nepal’ AW collection. We enjoyed taking those in Kokhana where the knitwear accessories are being made by women home based workers. This photo shoot started at 6 am at Patan Durbar Square and ended on the same day at 4 pm 🙂 It was great working with the students from Kathmandu’s University and Spanish volunteers. 


Selection and « cleaning » process : sit down with the photographer and start working on the selection, which one to delete and the ones to keep. Later on, work on the retouch, which filter do you add on those?

Selection II and allocation : among the « final selected », be clear now which ones will be used for the look book or your catalog or your website, etc…Then come the upload, graphic designing and printing!

The best picture for the end!

We had the chance to have the great support from locals in Kokhana. They were great at welcoming us and agreed that we could take photos next to theirs door’s house.

Credit photos of Photos by Isabel Lucas Perpina


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