Le Bagel de Katmandou miam !!

**** In English below ****

Vous prendrez bien un petit bagel?? Mais oui à Katmandou c’est possible ! Si vous voulez sortir de la routine du dhal bhat et des momos, allez manger un généreux et croustillant bagel de chez Bagels Kathmandu.

Le bagel celui de New York vous est présenté par Namgyal. Lui qui a longtemps habité à New York, était en manque de son Bagels Newyorkais dès son retour au Népal. Pas facile ici de trouver celui qui avait exactement le même goût. Alors Namgyal a décidé de les faire lui-même jusqu’au jour où un de ses amis lui dise: « tu devrais aller les vendre au Farmer’ market du restaurant Le Sherpa »

C’est pari tenu pour Namgyal. Il se lance dès 20h dans la fabrication de 75 bagels qui se terminera à 7 heures du matin. Après une demi-heure de dodo sur le canapé du salon, c’est parti, direction le marché. Dans sa voiture, Namgyal réfléchit déjà aux personnes à qui il pourra donner les bagels invendus.  Début du marché à 8h. Namgyal finira par tout vendre en moins de deux heures !

Depuis ce moment-là, l’aventure continue et depuis Juillet, il y a un petit café corner dans Thamel où j’ai pu le rencontreret manger bien entendu ces très bons bagels. Un grand merci à lui pour me raconter l’histoire de son entreprise Bagels Kathmandu.

J’avais envie pour une fois de changer un peu de thématique. J’ai en effet une passion pour les artisans et je trouve que la cuisine est aussi un grand art !

Un grand merci à Yasu pour les belles photos; vous pouvez suivre son compte Instagram qui est très chouette !


Incredible bagel is awaiting for you in Thamel or Le Sherpa Saturday’s market!! Let me present you the great Bagels Kathmandu! You know how much I like to bake French cakes and pastries at home. So, when I came to know about bagels, I couldn’t resist having one bite in the busy bee Thamel…

I had the chance to meet Namgyal, the founder of Bagels Kathmandu who has lived in New York, where he was really enjoying the great bagels. Being back in Nepal, he was not able to find the perfect one to his taste bud in any bakery/café until he decided one day to make his own.

Their friends and his family pushed him to sell the bagels in the Saturday’s market at Le Sherpa. So Namgyal accepted the challenge. The day before, he started making the bagels at 8 pm to complete the 75 bagels at 7 am…When he arrived at the market, he was amazed to sell all the bagels in less than 2 hours…(while being in his car 3 hours back, he was preparing the list of people in his mind of who would get the unsold bagels…)

As usual, I like the kind of interview when we need to finish the sentence; I know that the exercise is not an easy one but it usually brings nice answers…

My morning routine looks like waking up at 5 am so I can start making the bagels at my central kitchen at 5.30 am with my team (we prepare an average of 70 bagels a day and 200 for the special Saturday’ market). Then, it’s morning sport time with either soccer or kick boxing because life is not only about work, we need a balance.

One of my biggest challenges so far have been to find the ingredients  to prepare the bagels. At one point, I had to create my own cream cheese, so I don’t depend on others suppliers.

Right now, I love the reactions of people who appreciate my bagels.

I am happiest when truly I am putting so many hours of work and I can see my customers enjoying my bagels and hearing their great feedback

My idea of success is giving more value than you receive!

I would advise my younger self to work hard to reach out the success. It is also important to be involved with your customers, talk to them, get their feedback so you can fix it for next time. They should be in the center of your attention; they are the one who will experience your products.

Thank you once again to Namgyal for his great welcome and for sharing his story. We wish him and his team all the best! Don’t miss your next bagel(s) to be found in new locations in Lalitpur too!  Visit their Facebook page for more information.

For once, I wanted to share a different story in my blog. I am indeed a passionate person by craftsmanship, designers and textile; but I am also fond into food and between the two, there are similarities and the passion for creating! Food is also a great art!

A  big thank you to Yasu who has taken the pictures during the interview; find more on his photography in his Instagram account.

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