How to #5

How to create a perfect product impact? As there is a recipe to make a perfect cake, this is the rule to present a perfect product impact on the customer’s mind. If you have the perfect combo of the following elements presented below, then your product should click in your customer’ mind.

Your product, your crafts, the object you present, should serve a clear function. This function should respond to a specific need of the customer. If you are developing a range of winter coats, will they be warm? Will your product make your customers feel confident and good about themselves?

Colorways, patterns, what makes your products being into the fashion trends. Depending also on how fashion-conscious your target customer is and where do they fit in the trend hierarchy, you will need to pitch the styling, shape, colors, fabric, print and trims of your product accordingly.

This may come from the product itself through the use of unique fabrics, superb fit and exquisite trims as well as the unexpected – a printed pocket lining ; a matching purse within a clutch bag. The added value is also perceived through your brand, its values and the customer’s perception of your brand. Press and advertising can play a major role in your label’s profile enabling to increase the added value placed on buying one of your pieces.

To sum up this concept, I found that picture which presents the different attributes of this shirt. What do you think, is it a good combo for you? Does it create a perfect product impact?

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