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Colors are part of our life, there are everywhere, starting from you wear, you like to wear, which food attracts you because of this color and so on…You live in the world of colors. So in Fashion, in your home too, colors are actually being a reflector of you and the lifestyle you are at ease with.. At one point, that we had to design « colors’ trends » which are being used in textile/clothing and in home furnishing industries.

Color is just so fundamental, that it makes sense for brands to adopt a color strategy that conveys their core values to consumers in a single glance. As many psychoanalysts would say that « color is the mother tongue of the subconscious.”

For big industrial companies, it is crucial for them to get into the color trends so their graphics and designers will work on a collection. They usually are 1 year ahead since they are working with huge numbers of retailers while they need more time for developing the sample and the production which includes all the fabric being machine weaved, printed and being dye and so on…Beyond this point, let’s talk about the relation of colors with designers/brands and consumers.

Colors fitting to season

From Summer to Fall and from Winter to Spring, colors will be different because the weather changes. We associate strong colors of pinkish, yellow, sky blue in the summer (1st picture below) whereas we would associate dark, powdery or dusty colors in the winter (2nd picture below). Creative agency specializes in giving you those trends (See the useful links at the end of the article)

Each color has different vibes and energy, so following the season, we get used of not wearing the same thing or changing your home deco too.

Colors perception and cohesion…

Consumers’ mind is full of names of brands or confused with so much more. While visiting your shop, your next customer should be able to have a clear vision of what the collection look like…Having cohesive colorways and designs that can relate to each other, will help the consumer to have a clear idea from your collection and about your brand’s identity.

The consumer should be able to think « yes the combination of colors is correct », « that true, this color is really nice for the upcoming summer ». They should have the « click » in their mind

At this point, we can also discuss storytelling.

Colors fitting to a theme for a better storytelling…

I recently came to know about Kivari, an ethical brand from Australia working with various artisans around the world. The way colors are being put together have been matching to a theme collection…The collection’s theme usually relate to a travel, a state of mind, a movie, a targeted customer, etc…. When colors, shapes, silhouette and theme are well aligned, be sure to have your customer to be fond of your collection and brand’s identity!

See you for another How to!



Creative agencies links for colors’ trend :

Carlin  based in France, register to their newsletter and look through at the new trends :

A larger number of listings in this link


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