Four designers’ team at work

I was keen on presenting you this great project from 4 Scandinavian design studios : Norm Architects (DK), Note Design Studio (SE), Afteroom (SE) and A hint of Neon (DK). They all took part of the Nepal Project which aims at creating a collection of exclusive, handmade designs. The Nepal project  presents a beautiful soft furnishings collection.

The project is a collaboration with Denmark’s development cooperation Danida. In Nepal, many girls and young women are being tricked into prostitution, sent to India and later excluded from their families. One of the ways to prevent this issue is to give the girls an opportunity to support themselves and their families.

About the crafts

This collection includes beautiful cashmere throws and bedcovers (A Hint of Neon), Cashmere and fine Merino wool pillows (Note Design Studio), a cute teddy bear (Afteroom), a series of accessory boxes in paper and textile (Note Design Studio), hand printed scarfs (A Hint of Neon), a Japanese inspired knot bag in grey canvas (A Hint of Neon) and a canvas laundry bag. (Norm Architects).












I found this collaboration very unique and all the designs look fantastic! Congratulation to the four teams of designers for putting great efforts in creating those crafts which are for some of them very unique…I also thought that some of the crafts are representing the value and meaning of the project for these women. The handmade lokta paper houses boxes look strong and represent the protection of the home and the family.  The teddy bear and the scarves would representing also the protection of ourselves. This project is truly great to me!

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