Cuty baby carriers

It was last October that I met Jemma, a great seamstress and a great mom from Australia. She created the brand named ZARPAR Bébé which presents a range of fabric and crafts of the World dedicated to babies and especially baby carriers created and handmade by Jemma which all present a beautiful history and very original fabrics.

It was a few months back, Jemma sent me an email to get price information on the fabrics of SABAH Nepal. I look at her site and I discover there cute baby carriers! A few days pass after sending the fabric swatches, Jemma ordered the beautiful fabrics made of allo and cotton woven in zig-zag. It was a pleasure to follow the rest of the fabric through the photos posted on its Facebook page. Jemma therefore has her own sewing workshop located in her house. The baby carrier finished with the fabric goes superbly well!

A few months pass, she sent me an email to let me know that she is increasingly overloaded by the manufacture of baby carriers. The affluent orders! I suggested her then to make samples first at SABAH so that she could see if the seamstresses would be able to reproduce the baby carriers. We would be able to advise afterwards.

A few days pass, we received a beautiful box containing the finished baby carriers with fabric samples and a small explanatory guide. Jemma has been great to us explaining everything in details!

A few weeks pass, our samples of both models are now ready. But we need someone to show her the result and of course no baby was around in the office at that time, so let’s be creative.

Well, you can see here…Seems like the plush is not 100% assured, I do not have the technique nor the « caring » mind since my hands are just on the sides and I am ready to pose for this picture.

Both of the samples have traveled and are now in Australia with Jemma. You will know the next stage in the next episode!

Curious to know more about ZARPAR’s great world? Visit their website

PS: You must have noticed that this article repeats these words: « a few days, a few weeks, a few months pass », to tell you that the textile manufacture takes time. This time can sometimes be considered long but in the end it is very precious to the seamstresses so that the piece is well done …

Photo Credit – ZARPAR Baby


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