Art market!


Hello !

I hope you had a great weekend ! This is, I would say, a sort of review to present you the special monthly meet-up for artists, craftsmen and crafts’ lovers in Lalitpur! It is usually happening in the first Saturday of the month, taking place at the Yellow House.

For the first time at the first market of the year, I (finally) went! It was a great opportunity for me to meet again some former colleagues from SABAH Nepal (not seen for 3 years or so) and some artist friends too.

We love the quietness of this chill Saturday. Exhibitors and visitors are both relaxed. This place is not too chic or not too posh, (though looking at the high number of expats living in this area), but still, it remains open to all.


The Art Market makes us discover different crafts and arts, from mugs, to shoes, bags, stickers and notebooks. Wh12030411_403852733072644_1941330623835141938_oat is great (really) is to meet directly artists and designers and understand the real meaning of their craft by just simply asking him/her. It really changed from the « dusty » exhibitions based in Bhrikutimandap (hall based in downtown Kathmandu).

Thank you for this great initiative ImageArk and keep it up!

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